Brown Golf Management Overview

Brown Golf Management (BGM) is an acquisition and golf club management/consulting company. Brown Golf’s corporate headquarters is located in Bluffton, South Carolina at Pinecrest Golf Club. Brown Golf Management also has a satellite office in Harrisburg, PA.

Brown Golf Management focuses its golf club management services on performance. The key elements to our golf club management services are included below:

Club Management Proposal – Brown Golf Management offers a highly efficient and successful system for leading clubs to profitability. This turnkey platform provides for a broad based plan for achieving profitability. 

Our management services include:

Management & Accounting Oversight:

Personnel Oversight & Development: BGM will evaluate current staff & payroll operations. When appropriate, BGM will use its network of proven club managers & club department heads to upgrade club personnel. BGM will ensure that positions are within market standards for salary & benefits.

Payroll Management: The number one expense at a club is payroll, and a consistent review is necessary. BGM, along with club managers and department heads, will actively manage the payroll function.

Operations Management: All club departments will be reviewed and analyzed continuously. Cost control processes will be implemented to ensure efficiency. A strong focus will be placed on golf, agronomy, and food & beverage operations.

Cost Control Systems Implementation: BGM will use proven cost control systems such as menu reengineering, manicured grounds review, contract renegotiation and other control systems to keep expenses low.

Line Item Expense Review: Each department head at a Brown Golf Managed facility will be required to understand every line item within their departmental budget. This review will happen monthly with a senior member of the BGM team. 

Procurement: Preferred pricing will be available on all goods & services because of the multi-club brand of Brown Golf.

Budgeting & Long Term Planning: Yearly budgets will be produced. In addition, long term strategic planning meetings will be held with ownership.

Revenue Development Programming: BGM will design specific programming for your club based on Competitive Analysis Pricing metrics. These programs will be designed with a full scale marketing plan and a return on investment review. These development programs will drive revenues by focusing on:

Sales & Marketing: Brown Golf Management will implement a 12 month sales & marketing system for membership, banquets, daily fee revenue and golf events that will dramatically increase revenues for your club. These sales systems are proven and have been designed by the BGM team to ensure long term financial stability by continuing to grow revenues while controlling expenses. All BGM facilities will have access to the Brown Golf Reciprocal program which will give them access to all courses owned and managed by Brown Golf.

Database Development & Management: A vital part of any business is the ability to drive revenue through data collection. Data collection is imperative within the club industry to market to specific player segments (seniors, members, twilight play, etc). BGM will significantly grow your club’s database by consistently developing new database leads. These processes include:

Website Design, Function & Implementation: Brown Golf will evaluate your club’s website to ensure this asset is working for you. We can redesign & launch a new website to cater to the needs of the facility, if needed.

Hospitality Excellence: This is vitally important to any Brown Golf Managed property. Customer Service is what you receive when you call a 1-800 line. Hospitality is what you receive at a BGM facility. Hospitality training is an on-going process of making your guests feel like the most important people at the club. Here are just a few of the ways we focus on hospitality at a BGM property:

Financial/Accounting Management: In addition to our company’s operational and revenue development services, Brown Golf will also establish both a sound accounting platform and implement a solid control environment, tracking and securing your club’s assets.

BGM will provide full financial accounting services through:

Financial Statement Preparation: Our financial reporting services are designed to organize and prepare your financial records and then interpret the data as it relates to the financial health of your property.

Our services provide timely interim and annual financial statements in the form of an electronically prepared balance sheet, operating statement and cash flow statement (prepared upon request).

Transaction Processing: Brown Golf Management will handle all vendor and employee related transactions through accounts payable and payroll processing services.

Accounts Payable Processing: BGM provides cost effective, high quality transaction processing services. Our accounts payable check writing service produces professional, computer generated checks. In addition, BGM will provide detailed management analysis, by disbursement period, allowing for continuous wherewithal of outstanding liabilities.

Payroll Processing: From timekeeping to taxes, we work with an independent third party payroll processor and property personnel to provide complete payroll services in a timely and accurate fashion. Payroll processing services include:

Business Consultation: Beyond the routine accounting activities, we focus on the property’s long-range growth and protection. BGM focuses on planning, financing, operational and management assistance in the following areas:

BGM assists in the growth, preservation and protection of year property’s assets and interests.

Internal Review: Accelerated growth, change and competition have added new challenges to the organizational structure, operations and risk management of business entities. BGM has focused internal review services developed to identify risks, analyze internal processes for greater effectiveness and efficiencies and create risk management protocols.

BGM focuses on operational controls through internal review services gaining objectivity needed to help identify and manage the risks inherent in your operations. BGM has created proven alternatives and profit enhancing suggestions that help develop operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Internal review services include:

Golf Course Management Pricing

BGM is extremely competitive in pricing for management contracts and has a proven track record and list of references to verify our success. If you would like to continue further discussions regarding our management platform please contact us today. BGM will setup onsite visits with all serious inquiries. Please contact - John M. Brown, Vice President of Operations: (717) 439-2080 or